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Klatschstangen    more that 1.2 million sold klatschstangen
Time for Klatschstangen!

Klatschstangen enjoy great popularity at sporting events. For the advertising company, they provide the great advantage to have a whole crowd of excited fans partying loudly - and in their CI colours.

Pins & mehr offers various models of Klatschstangen which can be easily inflated with a little pipe. This way a handy give away is turned into a full-scale fan item of 60 x 10 cm within seconds. The Klatschstangen are available in all possible colours and can be printed with your logo for an advertising message that literally cannot be missed. The company

Pins & mehr GmbH & Co. KG offers customised Klatschstangen with your logo and slogan - completely according to your ideas.

Standard models:

Klatschstange PUM-01 - Das Telefonbuch Klatschstange PUM-01 L - Rizla
PUM-01 PUM-01 L
Klatschstange PUM-02 - Lufthansa Klatschstange PUM-03 - Züricher SC Klatschstange PUM-10 - Revolution
PUM-02 PUM-03 PUM-10

Delivery time:
4 -5 weeks for 500 Sets of all PUM-Models

Our Klatschstangen has passed EN71 - level 2 and REACh test.

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